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1. Flexible manufacturing systems can handle a variety of dissimilar products.

2. A job shop is similar to a batch production plant in that both may produce products or services to meet the customers' specifications.

3. Product layouts usually require less-skilled workers than process layouts.

4. The term group technology relates to the term part families.

5. Cycle time establishes the output rate for a line.

6. The maximum cycle time in an assembly line is equal to the time for the longest task.

7. One drawback of process layouts is that equipment utilization rates are lower than in a product layout.

8. The minimum cycle time in an assembly line is equal to the time for the longest task.

9. Product variety in a job shop tends to be:
D.very low

10. The system that has the highest equipment flexibility is:
A.Job shop.
C.Repetitive production.
D.Continuous processing.

11. One way to improve the customerís perception of a service is to:
A.Break it into segments, if it is an unpleasant service.
B.Ensure the customer has high expectations at the beginning of the service.
C.Break it into segments, if it is a pleasurable service.
D.End the service on a noncommittal note.
E.Make it tangible.

12. In a warehouse layout
A.Products that ordered often, should be at the rear of the facility
B.Random placement is the optimal layout.
C.Products that are ordered often, should be at the entrance.
D.A cell structure is the optimal layout.
E.None of the above.

13. Which one of the following is not generally regarded as an advantage of product layouts?
A.Material handling costs per unit are low.
B.Labor costs are low per unit.
C.The system is fairly flexible to changes in volume of output.
D.Accounting, purchasing, and inventory control are fairly routine.
E.There is high utilization of labor and equipment.

14. In a product layout, the process of deciding how to assign tasks to work stations is referred to as:
A.process balancing
B.task allocation
C.line balancing
D.station balancing

15. A production line is to be designed for a job with three tasks. The task times are 0.3 minutes, 1.4 minutes, and 0.7 minutes. The maximum cycle time in minutes is:
E.none of these

16. If a line is balanced with 90 percent efficiency, the balance delay would be:
A.10 percent
B.90 percent
C.100 percent
D.unknown, since balance delay isn't related to efficiency
E.none of the above

17. A common goal in process layouts is to
A.Minimize transportation distance
B.Maximize distance between departments
C.Standardize processes
D.Convert to cellular layout as often as possible
E.Share personnel

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