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Unit 4:Topic 1: Types of Structures

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Question 1
Before the class went on the field trip they learned about classifying different types of structures. Which of the following is not a characteristic by which structures may be classified?
Choose one answer.
Question 2
One of the first buildings that the class examined was their school. How did the students classify their school?
Choose one answer.
Question 3
The class climbed aboard a school bus to go to their next stop. Jacob realized that the bus itself could be classified as a frame structure because frame structures:
Choose one answer.
Question 4
During their bus ride to their next stop, Jacob noticed three hot air balloons soaring high in the air. Jacob knew that the balloons themselves were examples of this type of structure:
Choose one answer.
Question 5
The next stop on their field trip was at a large dam made of rocks and dirt. The engineers working on this earthen dam designed it as a mass structure. Which of the following statements explain why?
I. Parts of the mass structure can be worn away without it failing.
II. A mass structure relies on the weight of the material itself to stay firmly in place.
III. A mass structure will never fail.
IV. The framework inside a mass structure prevents the structure from collapsing.
Choose one answer.
Question 6
The students sat by the edge of the reservoir to eat their lunches. During their lunch, Marcy, one of Jacob???s classmates, noticed many interesting structures around her. She saw a spider web, an anthill, and a poplar tree. What do all of these structures have in common?
Choose one answer.
Question 7
The anthill that Marcy saw is an example of which type of structure?
Choose one answer.
Question 8
When the class had finished their lunches, they took a walk downstream along the riverbank. They noticed that city workers had piled up sandbags to prevent the water from eroding away the bank of the river and washing the footpath into the river. Which of the following is not a reason why the sandbag wall structure may fail?
Choose one answer.
Question 9
The class next visited a construction site where some new homes were being built. Jacob learned that nailing plywood sheathing to the frame of a house dramatically increases the strength of the house. Which of the following provides the best explanation for the increase in strength?
Choose one answer.
Question 10
On the way back to the school, the school bus traveled over three bridges. Jacob wasn???t worried about the strength of the bridges. After all, the bus was not a very large _______________ ??? the weight carried or supported by the bridges.
Choose one answer.
Question 11
Back in the classroom, Jacob???s teacher asked questions about what the students had seen and done that day. For example, he asked: ???What type of structure would be most likely to fail because of small cracks or weaknesses in it????
Choose one answer.
Question 12
Jacob noted that structures are found everywhere. Which of the following statements about structures is generally true?
Choose one answer.