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Chapter 1: Energy Transfer in the Biosphere

Chapter 2: Cycles of Matter

Chapter 3: Ecosystems and Their Diversity

Chapter 4: Mechanisms of Population Change

Chapter 5: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Chapter 6: Homeostasis, Body Systems, and Digestion

Chapter 7: The Respiratory System

Chapter 8: Circulation and Immunity

Chapter 9: Excretion and the Interactions of Systems

Chapter 10: The Muscular System and Homeostasis

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Chapter 18:Animation Quiz 17

Inquiry Into Biology > Student Centre > Chapter 18 > Chapter 18:Animation Quiz 17

Preview Chapter 18:Animation Quiz 17

Question 1
During protein synthesis, transfer RNA carrying amino acids bind to the 70S ribosome at the following site(s):
Choose one answer.
Question 2
The initiating transfer RNA, carrying formylmethionine, binds to which site?
Choose one answer.
Question 3
The amino acids carried by the transfer RNA are joined by...
Choose one answer.
Question 4
The three base sequence on the transfer RNA is the codon.
Choose one answer.
Question 5
The anticodon is the three base sequence on the messenger RNA that binds with the codons of the transfer RNA.
Choose one answer.